Test center

Established in 2004, formerly known as Lab of Shenzhen Welmetal Steel Co., Ltd. founded in 1981, Metal Material Test Center of Guangdong Welmetal Group Co., Ltd. has focused on engages in mechanical property test and chemical ingredient analysis of metal materials for 25 years. Since 1984, the test center has been entrusted by Shenzhen import and export inspection and quarantine bureau as the test lab for import and export metal materials. The test center has reasonably set up the internal

institutions and posts, and defined the job responsibilities according to CNAS/CL01:2006 (test and calibration lab capacity recognition criterion), so as to effectively implement the quality system, guarantee the independent inspection without administration intervention as well as the equality of third party, which includes comprehensive office, chemical analysis room, physical property room, spectroscopy room, instrument room and sample room now.

The test center has the lab covering more than 500 square meters and advanced instruments and equipments. It owns a group of high-quality professional technicians who are proficient in laws and regulations, domestic and foreign standards, and have test experience and higher business level. At present, there are 3 senior mechanical engineers, 6 metal material engineers, 5 chemical engineers, 3 intermediate chemical testers and 1 measurement engineer, as well as one lab archive administrator, and 12 professional testers in the test center.

The test center has been able to test nearly a hundred of products within 36 classifications. Over the years, the test center has engaged in parameter tests of metal materials, various ferrous metals and nonferrous metals, including chemical ingredient analysis, mechanical property, metallographic structure, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and geometry, provide accurate data and issue fair report.

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