Pickling sheet

Thickness (mm):1.8~4.0

Width (mm):900~1300

Surface handling method:oiling (o) and no processing (U)

Applicable scope:furniture accessory, tabulation, fitness equipment, air conditioning compressor shell, automobile accessory, counter, goods shelf, agricultural vehicle, motorcycle and ventilator.

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The raw materials of Welmetal pickling sheet are purchased from domestic famous enterprises, including Baogang, Angang, Shougang and Bengang. With zero-acid discharge, a complete set of import equipment and advance pickling handling and production technology, as well as the raw material of superior hot-rolled thin plate, after the oxidation layer is removed, cut and finished by pickling units, the products are widely applied to furniture accessory, tabulation, fitness equipment, air conditioning compressor shell, automobile accessory, counter, goods shelf, agricultural vehicle, motorcycle and ventilator.

Product application

  • 摩托车

  • 门 锁

沙 发





Brand strength



Pickling processing flow chart

Surface handling method
名 称说 明

 The surface handling can reduce the red rust generated on the surface during the product transportation and storage period, and the applied anti-rust oil is generally not used as the rolling oil and stamping lubricant for subsequent processing.

No processing(U)The surface handling is only applied to the condition that the demander defines to not to make surface handling in order, and it shall be indicated in the contract. In such case, the surface of steel sheet and steel belt easily has red rust during the transportation and storage period. Please the user cautiously select and use.


Service criterion

“Specialty and Integrity from Welmetal Quality” is the brand concept of Welmetal Steel Sheet. The products manufactured by our company has been sampling inspected by international and domestic famous test institutions. The company has established ISO9001 quality management assurance system and ISO 10012.1 measurement management system, and has passed ISO 14001 environment management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system. The products have been consecutively granted the title of Guangdong Famous Brand. With the marketing concept of cooperation in good faith, delivering happiness and share of value, the company continuously improves the product quality to provide more superior products for all customers.


With the aim to provide the quality galvanizing and color-coated sheet for home appliance and superior technical service, Welmetal Steel Sheet engages in after-sale service with responsibility and achievement, creates brand and sets up corporate image as the reliable cooperator for all customers. With the spirit of pursuit of high quality and tenet of customer satisfaction, in the principle of the most reliable product quality, the most considerable service and the most preferential price, we solemnly promise to you:

Respond to the customer’s actual demand with the fastest speed and highest efficiency, intensively involve in the customer’s product design link, and provide the considerable technical support service. After receiving the objection made by the customer in writing or through telephone, our company will make initiate response within 24 hours, provide field after-sale service security within 48 hours and strive to make clear reply to the customer within 72 hours.

Order requirement

The user shall provide the following information when in order: product name (steel sheet or steel belt), mark, surface processing method, surface quality grade, weight and packing method. When in selection of product mark and surface processing method, please confirm or verify the modeling, stamping and corrosion-resisting requirements of product in use, and prevent the product performance cannot meet the processing requirement due to mark and surface handling method.

Product type steel belt and steel sheet packing method
Pickling sheet seaworthy
fine packing simple packing bare back
Cold rolling sheet seaworthy
fine packing simple packing bare back
Galvanizing sheet seaworthy
fine packing simple packing bare back
vertical packing
with steel belt
fine packing simple packing bare back
vertical packing
with steel belt

Use requirement


The vehicle is clean and bedding with prevention action

Fix and lift with specific tools

Prevent against shaking, impression, pollution, collision and relative sliding during the transportation process


Ventilation and damp prevention, no open air storage

Flat ground, no hard object

Avoid multi-layer stacking


The package cannot be opened if the room temperature is too high

The unpacked steel sheet should be immediately used

The rag on the section should be reduced when in processing to avoid scratch

Inspect during the processing process to prevent the further loss









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