On February 10, 2012, Kono Tetsuyuki, the Director of Washing Machine Business Department, and Nakayama Koichi, the Director of Refrigerator Business Department of Toshiba Appliance (Nanhai) Co., Ltd., Ishii Tadaaki, Factory Manager, and Nozawa Takashi, Assistant to GM of Guangzhou Ribao Steel Product Co., Ltd., and a total of 14 people visited Welmetal Steel Sheet and negotiated for strategic cooperation. Zhang Huanxiang, General Manager of Welmetal Steel Sheet led the management and department heads to participate in the welcoming ceremony, and express their warm welcome to the  visiting customers. 

In the morning, Toshiba and Ribao staffs visited the central lab, galvanizing line, galvanizing online lab, the 2nd color-coated line, and color-coated 2nd line online lab of the steel sheet company. During this period, Lu Xinming, Deputy General Manager and the accompanying staffs specified the technical process and production quality control specification of coating product. In the afternoon, the visitor also intensively knew about the equipment maintenance record, measurement meter detection and calibration, various production technology and quality record, order implementation procedure documents, and other internal records and control documents. Upon visiting, director Kono Tetsuyuki indicated on the behalf of Toshiba that they were satisfied with this visiting result. As the strategic cooperator of Toshiba, Welmetal Steel Sheet had remarkable advantages in overall supply security and service ability in South China, which would certainly make a new situation for both cooperation and win-win. 


Since April last year, Welmetal Steel Sheet has sought for cooperation with Washing Machine Business Department and Refrigerator Business Department of Toshiba Appliance (Nanhai) Co., Ltd. through Guangzhou Ribao Steel Product Co., Ltd. For the technical data provided by Toshiba and Ribao during the initiate stage is limited, and there is not any reference, the performance of customer’s product only can be acquired through analysis of real object. Under the participation and direct leadership of GM Zhang Huanxiang, Appliance Steel Sheet Promotion Team has overcome numerous difficulties. Upon 5 times of trial production and repeated validation, it has successively solved a series of key difficulties, such as deformation and wrinkling of stamping base plate, pollution of processing and modeling edge-fold, surface quality defect of small batch of trial product, supply surface quality recognition, and it is finally recognized by the customers. This strategic cooperation with Toshiba is another breakthrough for Welmetal Steel Sheet after it has established close relations with the domestic large-scale home appliance enterprises, including Midea, Galanz, Hom and Hisense, as well as the iconic event that Welmetal Steel Sheet successfully replaces the import materials among Japanese products in home appliance steel sheet service industry, which has indicated that Welmetal Steel Sheet has passed through the most difficult and critical prophase stage in the development of home appliance steel sheet, and has made a new situation for achieving the stage objective to be the largest home appliance steel sheet service enterprise in Guangdong.